'This unique and lively introduction to Australia's history... finds the humour and pathos...Ranging from the separation of Gondwana 200 million years ago to Federation in 1901, and from Aboriginal hand-signs to the Rum Rebellion, this is a history with something for all young readers...Alison Lloyd's witty and absorbing prose is beautifully matched by Terry Denton's irreverent illustrations.'

Judges Comments, NSW Premier's History Award 2019, young people's category

The Upside-Down History of Downunder

Winner of the 2019 NSW Premier's History Award, in the young people's category!

Take a different look at how we became Australia...

UDHDU front cover medThe story of Australia starts with a piece of land that went for a swim. About 200 million years ago it floated away from Africa. Very...very...slowly. For a long time this wild and wonderful land was a mystery to the rest of the world. So how did we end up as 'Australia'?

If you've heard about dinosaurs or the Dreaming, or convicts and Captains, but you don't know how they fit together...

If you love to read about rebels, riches, rights and wrongs...

If you like truth that's stranger than fiction...

Then this is the book for you. The Upside-Down History of Down Under puts all that and more together. In ways you might not expect. It might turn some of your ideas around. 

Take a new look at Australia's history. Order The Upside-Down History of Down Under.

Teachers Resources outline curriculum links and suggest ideas on how to use The Upside Down History in the classroom.

A comprehensive index of the book's contents is available for download, as well as a bibliography and list of quote sources

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