Dragons, Devils and Rebels

NEW in 2017!

The true story of how a teenage girl became Empress of China, and the last dangerous days of her dynasty.


She faced:

dragons - Emperors who had run China for two thousand years

devils - strange foreigners invading with guns and ships

rebels - Chinese bandits with supernatural powers

...Enter the dragon empire. Explore the epic story of Empress Cixi. 

Dragons, Devils and Rebels is the latest book by Australian children's author Alison Lloyd. It's illustrated by the fabulous and funny Terry Denton

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If you like Dragons, Devils and Rebels, tell Alison. She likes to hear what readers think. You might also enjoy Wicked Warriors and Evil Emperors, the true story of China's first Emperor.

If you are interested in where this book's information came from, a list of sources is available here.


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